Quilty Podcast Listening

I was asked which quilty podcasts that I listen to in iTunes, and thought that I should add this page to my blog.

Pat Sloan – American Patchwork and Quilting Radio
Mix of interviews with quilt pattern designers, fabric designers and quilt makers. Occasionaly the editors of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine will discuss various topics regarding P&Q. She has interviewed Fat Quarterly’s Katy Jones and John Adams.
Her earlier shows are on iTunes under the name of Creative Talk Radio.

Tanesha – Crafty Garden Mom
Mix of family, quilting/patchwork and book reviews.
Tanesha is a bookbuyer so you will hear review of books due to released — so have pen & paper handy.

Sandy – Quilting…for the rest of us
Mix of ‘Sandy updates’ (ie what Sandy has been doing quilty wise), book/product reviews, comments from listeners/blog readers, design principles/elements series with Jaye.
iTunes has her podcast feed starting with episode 85, so if you want the older episodes (starting with episode 1!) you will need to go here.

FrancesThe Off-Kilter Quilt
Frances does Quilt Diaries, in which she talks about her quilty goings-on.

Pam – Hip to be a Square
Pam talks about what she has been working on, and the helper kittens & dog.

SusanThe History Quilter
The podcast to go to if you want to know a bit about the history of quilting/patchwork.

Lazy Daisy Quilts
Daisy talks about quilting and other crafts, offering info and tips that you can use. This is a casual conversational podcast.

Katie – Katie’s Quilting Corner
Katie talks about her quilting journey, corgi dogs, dog agility experiences, quilt guild and life updates.

Sandy Cowell – Quilt Cabana Corner
This is one I have re-discovered.

JackieJackie’s Quilting Chronicles
Informative podcast from someone who has been a quilter for nearly 18 years.

I know that there may be other podcasts I have not mentioned, so let me know of what you listen to.


4 Responses

  1. http://scientificquilter.podbean.com/
    Scientific Quilter

    Nonnie Quilting Dreams ( Me ) but I am on hiatus until summer.

    I will continue to blog


  2. http://thequiltingpot.podbean.com/ …….direct feed

    THE QUILTING POT …. She works as an army nurse and recently relocated. AJ talks about quilting and knitting.



  3. within a quarter inch … with ALLISON is back podcasting about quilting

    CANADIAN QUILT TALK >>> http://feeds.feedburner.com/CanadianQuiltTalkPodcast

    AMY CREATIVE SIDE >>>http://amyscreativeside.com/category/podcast/ >>> PODCAST about QUILTING from pattern designing TWO young quilters talking quilting.

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