Siblings Together

I had not heard of Siblings Together until Lynne posted about Siblings Togther back in March 2012.

Having been lucky to have both parents still alive (or just about, as my dad has on-going heart problems and now has a pacemaker!), me & my younger brother never went into foster care. I know that my parents had planned for all eventualities, and if they had died when me & my little brother were younger, my mum’s brother & his wife would have taken us in. As I said this didn’t happen to us.

However, it happens to children elsewhere in the UK, for many reasons. It can be hard on siblings, as more often than not they are placed in separate foster homes,  and the children lose the only family connection they have left.

Last year about 70 to 80 quilts were donated to Siblings Together by people here in the UK and overseas. The idea is that each child that goes on a ST camp is given a quilt which would remind them of happy times spent with their brother/sister, and have something they can call their own.

Last year I didn’t participate in the charity drive Lynne organised, but this year, due to having run out of space for my stash & having fabric I had brought but not used, I decided to donate 2 fat quarter bundles — mixed bag of chartuese, aqua & teal fabrics with co-ordinating solids, and Moroccan Mirage by Khristian A Howell for Anthology Fabrics. As soon as I posted the pics of the fq bundles in the flickr group pool, they were taken!  There are other ways you can help — may be you have the time to make a quilt top or the time to quilt a quilt, or can donate fabric/blocks/backings for a quilt.


Heart Appeal

Caroline Lewis, author of the Serenity Quilts blog, has launched an appeal to all quilters!


I just wanted to draw your attention to an appeal I am making for hearts to make a quilt to raffle off as a prize and in the process raise money for a worthy cause: Cancer Research UK.

I require as many blocks as possible of 8″ square white/cream/red or pink fabric squares with a heart theme embroidered, appliqued, pieced etc onto the backing fabric. I am blogging about this over on .

So far I only have about 30 blocks and would dearly love enough to make more than one quilt. I would be very appreciative of your help.

Cancer Research is a charity close to my heart, my dad had his stomach and spleen removed 2 years ago at the age of 78 and thanks to his amazing surgeon and team of carers he is doing well and has his 80th Bday next month. My husband is the latest casualty of cancer having schwannoma (cancer of the nerve cells) in his leg. I would love to help this amazing charity to continue its good work and find a cure soon.

Thank you
Caroline xx

I hope to make a block or two, although it has been years since I did applique.  A few weeks ago, my mother got an email from her brother (my uncle) to say that his wife (my aunt) had just been diagnosised with secondary breast cancer, despite the fact she had been given the all clear a few years ago. It was a shock to everyone.

So please spread the word, even if you cannot make a heart!