WiP & Stash

The last few weeks I have been quiet… Working on a new WIP. You will have seen a picture of the beginnings of my new EPP project on an old post.

So I have decided to do an update on Oh My Stars!   The Innocent Crush doesn’t have a lot in terms of aqua colours, so I decided to mix in some of Anna Marie’s Field Study.


The background is Kona Bone, and out of a 2m length, I now have about a 1/4m length left. I suck at working out yardage for a quilt :-S

In stash news, I did a bit of shopping during February, both online and in a ‘bricks & mortar’ shop (The Fabric Guild in Leicester). In particular I added to my growing pile of Tula Pink fabrics. Online I got more of the Prince Charming rain drop and Taffy prints, along with a selection of The Birds and The Bees. Might order more of Saltwater to add.


I can see a project starting in the run-up to FQ Retreat 2013 with these fabrics… Watch this space.


First finish of 2013….


Diamonds in the Sky, or simply Diamonds as I call her, is now quilted and bound. She now awaits to have a label attached.
She isn’t the largest quilt I have made. She is 46 inches by 66 in, compared to Maple Leaf which is 70 in by 70 in.

Just after Christmas I added to my stash thanks to the sales section at Pink Castle Fabrics the following in 1/2 yard cuts:

Janean Morrison – In My Room, Retreat in green (also in tangerine)

Tula Pink – The Birds and the Bees, Lady Bugs in apple (also in storm*)

Tula Pink – Salt Water, Tortoise Shell in coral (also in aqua & seaweed)

V & Co – Simply Color, Sprigs in Lime Green & Aquatic Blue (also in Lime Green & Navy Blue and White & Eggplant*)
* Sold out!!

My favourites would be the Tula Pink fabrics. I have some of her Prince Charming collection, and maybe later this year I might add more of Salt Water and The Birds and the Bees to my TP collection.

And from Hawthorne Threads:

799_chicopee_fat_quarter_bundle_in_morning 798_chicopee_fat_quarter_bundle_in_afternoon
Fat quarter bundle of the complete Chicopee collection by Denyse Schmidt (blue/yellow – Morning colourway; orange/pink – Afternoon colourway).
To go into a quilt with my DS Hope Valley fat quarter collection.

All fabric pictures taken from Pink Castle Fabrics & Hawthorn Threads websites.

Stash Building and surprise freebie


Two weeks I go a placed an order via Etsy for 1/2yrds of my 6 favourite prints from Anna Maria Horner’s Loulouthi collection, and received the package yesterday!

When I opened it, I found that I not only got the fabrics I had ordered but 2 freebies… One was an extra piece of fabric and this:

The Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Quilt Sampler. This is a 6-monthly magazine! and I have found a UK supplier which stocks this… The Contented Cat offers it with American Patchwork & Quilting magazine for £4.95 or on its own for £5.25.  I have been glancing through it for most of the day and there are some really fab ideas for quilts, including a smaller version of a Dear Jane quilt. I am not a big fan of monster-sized quilts or applique, so a Baltimore quilt is not on my to-do-in-the-future list!

Also, next time I go to the folks’ for Sunday dinner, I will be taking some of my ‘infamous’ stash to show Mum. I think I have spent approx £300+ since April on fabrics! Yikes! Mum said that as I had been some tough times with work (suspension & disciplinary action just short of dismissal!), I should treat myself. So that’s what I have been doing.

The Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham starts later this week, and I have my ticket for the show on my computer desk ready for Saturday. Yet another excuse for spending my hard earned ££££, but I have a list of necessities to get, like wadding/batting for 2 twin-bed sized quilts and backings for said quilts. I can guarantee that I will be coming more than that, such fat quarters, more quilty books. I can’t wait, as it’s been about 6 years since my first visit to the FoQ.

Favourite Fabric

Whilst browsing some of the many quilting/patchwork blogs out there in blogland, I have noticed that how we quilters quickly fall in with one particular fabric whether it be a plain solid (the must go to charcoal or white or cream etc) or print (the green polkadot on pink or multicolour stripe), or even a complete collection.

For me, it must be Makower’s Elizabethan collection, of which I just have these…

Makower Elizabethan

My 2nd favourite collection is Makower’s Bloomsbury collection, because it is so close in style to the Elizabethan collection:

Makower's Bloomsbury

I have not even used the Bloomsbury fabrics at all. I made a quilt with the Elizabethan fabrics in the same pattern as my Autumn Waterfall, sadly I never took a picture of it.

I had initially brought the Elizabethan fabrics as they reminded me of a portrait of Elizabeth I at the time of the attempted invasion by the Spanish Armada (particularly the canopy of her sedan). The Bloomsbury fabrics I brought when I tried to find more of the Elizabethan ones, not realising how some of the fabrics from both collections went together well.

So what’s your favourite fabric or fabrics?

Innocent Crush

Following on from yesterday’s post… I went and checked out British Patchwork & Quilting’s new blog. If you scroll down and read through the blog list on the right hand side you will notice my little blog mentioned. I’m not letting this go to my head! Ok, may be I am a little, but what the heck!

On Friday I collected a parcel from the local Royal Mail delivery office. I had been expecting a parcel from USA via Etsy, but I hadn’t received it, so you can imagine the thoughts when I got a card shoved throught the letter box saying that £15 had to paid in customs charges…. Got to the RM delivery office and paid the money, and got the parcel. When I got back home and opened it, it was a fat quarter bundle of the complete Innocent Crush line by Anna Marie Horner.

Small selection of blue/aqua Innocent Crush

Since getting the IC fat quarter bundle, I have had ideas buzzing round my brain like bees round a flower and been searching for inspiration on Flickr on how to use the IC fabrics. So I have been auditioning solids, using the Kona Solids colour card I got the other week, making a list of the colours I will need to get.

A Little Gift

Two weeks ago Molly sent me this little bundle of Innocent Crush in a ‘swap’ as I had sent her some of the hugely popular perle threads I was giving away.
Thank you Molly!! I hope to be using them in a project sometime this year, when I have I got some of the other IC range.


My current WIP is a Maple Leaf quilt top.  Oppps! Made a mistake and a noticeable one too, at that! I should have been concentrating instead of watching my dvds last night. I did not notice the mistake until I had done 1/4 of the block and was too late to unpick and reposition the offending HSTs, so I left it.

Got another parcel in the post today, this time from Seamstar. Only ordered the fabrics yesterday afternoon!

Alexander Henry – Griffith Park – Leaf in Green & Leaf in Red

2 Mini Wraps = 8 randomly selected fabrics.