Blogger’s Quilt Festival Autumn 2013

Thank you so much Amy for hosting this wonderful event for our community.

For this year’s entry into the scrappy quilt category, I have choosen my Diamonds in the Sky quilt.


completed top

It’s not my first ever completed quilt, but it is certainly my favourite! I had only been doing patchwork/quilting for about a year or so, when an acquitance of my mum’s gave me a black bin bag or 2 of her dress/clothes-making scraps. I first sorted through the mountain of scraps, and whilst sorting, I began to wonder what on earth I was to do with all those scraps.


finished quilt

Scrappy quilts are my personal favourite type of quilts. It was becoming obvious that I had to do a scrappy quilt. The hardest bit is the choosing of both fabric and pattern/design. Going scrappy is a cop out really; it’s just using what you have left over from other projects, even those ugly/brown/not-my-cup-of-tea fabrics mixed in with the pretty stuff. Not all the fabrics were from that forementioned mountain of scraps, some came from my then very small stash — some I wouldn’t choose now, lol.

Next was the design bit. Oh heck!  I don’t have many quilt/patchwork books. But I do have one which I would consider my go-to book is Donna Lynn Thomas’ Scrappy Duos. Out of the 20 traditional blocks in the book, I chose to use Card Basket and Starry Splendor. I chose to control the scrappiness a bit, by making the Starry Splendor blocks in one colour, with the Card Basket blocks being scrappy.

The quilting took me over a year to do by hand.


Festival of Quilts 2012

This year I decided to go to the Festival of Quilts (FoQ) on 2 days instead of the one, which was a good thing as the organisers used the whole of Halls 8 and 9 for the show and vendors, with the food/eating area in Hall 7. However, I have decided that if I go to  FoQ 2013 (which is highly possible), I might stay overnight and save me money on travelling.

As we have just had the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games are in 2 weeks, this quilt was appropriate…

The Quilters Games by The ‘No Name’ Quilters. They won 1st prize in the Group Quilt category, and Best in Show.

Another of the category winner was made the winner of Best in Show last year…

Graceful Dance by Janneke de Vries-Bodsinga.

The following quilt got a lot of attention, and so it should… The architectural outlining was machine stitched over a pieced background.

One of the few I really liked is this one. Again this got alot of people talking.

One was applique and the other reverse applique. The maker’s inspiration was Jacobean crewel embroideries.

In the traditional quilt section was this…. A Dear Jane quilt that took the maker 4 years to make!

There are loads more pictures on my Flickr page.

Bloggers’ Quilt Festival: Spring 2012

Amy's Creative Side

This is the first time I have entered this online quilt show.

I have chosen to ‘show’ Autumn Waterfall:

This is not the oldest quilt I have made, but is certainly my current favourite.

Due to being on suspension from work last year, I was at home for a month and feeling kind of depressed. I had been reading the April ’11 issue of British Patchwork & Quilting magazine, which inspired me to dig out the then-unfinished top and finish it. Also in BPQ there is a regular column called Wandering the Web and this led me to find the many quilty blogs I now enjoy following.

I had first seen the pattern in BPQ a few years ago, as a background that had appliqued cherry blossom. I loved the geometric design and at that time Makower had brought a collection of fabrics called Elizabethan, which I fell in love (it was the first time that I ever considered buying a fat quarte bundle of an entire fabric corllection!) I made my first completed quilt and gave it to a much missed friend, who due to having a massive stroke had to retire. But I still loved the pattern and was determined to make one for myself!

I did not plan on making an autumn themed quilt, but the little swatches I pulled from the sample pack I got from Strawberry Fayre said otherwise.And hey presto! I started on piecing Autumn Waterfall. It was when I was about half way through the piecing, I said to my mum that I wanted to make a set of quilts in this pattern, one for each season.

I did not really complete it as a quilt until earlier this year. I doubt the Guiness Book of Records would recognise it as a candidate for a quilt that the longest time to complete, but I so glad it is now a quilt to be used.

Festival of Quilts 2011

I went to the 2011 Festival of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham today. One bit of advice from me is wear very comfy shoes (you will need them as there is a lot of walking) and also take short breaks to rest your feet and get your breathe/strength back before going back to the stalls.

The above picture is the winning quilt of the Pictorial Quilt section, made by Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga, Hot Africa. Quilt is based on a photo taken whilst Janneke was in Kenya. There is no painting in this quilt; the motifs are free motion quilted. You can almost feel the heat of the sun. … Yes! Meerkats! This is the winning quilt of the Group Quilt section. The speech bubbles above the 2 meerkats on the bench read as…

And my favourite from the Contemparory Quilts is Fibonarri Sun. A mix of the Fibonacci theorem and the Nautilus shell, in bright sunny colours….

There are more photos on my flickr page.