Who’s this I wonder?

Who's this I wonder? by lizzie allen
Who’s this I wonder?, a photo by lizzie allen on Flickr.

Just brought the July issue of the British Patchwork & Quilting magazine, and whilst reading the Wondering the Web section, I saw this blog…. Trudi is a fellow member of the Fickr group, Brit Quilt, and she is also participating in the Brit Quilt Swap.

Trudi is the 2nd member of the Brit Quilt group to be featured in my favourite patchwork/quilting magazine (the first was Lynne @LilysQuilts)… I will be emailing them to say thank you!!!

Also on the Brit Quilt Swap front, I have added the all important label (which is just a simple square piece from my scrap stash in a coordinating colour and wrote the details in permanent fabric marker, and backstitched it to the back of the quilt). It has a name at last, lol….. All The Nines! … given that it is a 9-patch block made of smaller 9-patch blocks. Mini quilt and a selection of scraps with a note to my secret partner have been packed and envelope addressed and sealed. Now, I have to wait to post it off.


The completed BQS mini

The completed BQS mini by lizzie allen
The completed BQS mini, a photo by lizzie allen on Flickr.

I have surprised myself with the making of this mini!! One of the requirements was that the mini had to be between 12 inches x 12 inches and 24 inches x 24 inches, and mine is approx 14 in x 14 turned out to be 17 x 17 inches, so it’s at the smaller end about middle of the size scale. But what has surprised me is that it has taken me only 2 weeks to make since getting the email giving me details of my secret partner.

This mini has a lot of firsts for me, but 2 that stand out the most are:
1. Continuous binding. I had sewn 4 strips of white (about 40cm in length) together, which was plenty!
2. Mitred corners. Took a bit of time to get the binding to behave, but got there in the end!

My binding is probably not the best that can be done as it is not very even (seems that it had a life of it’s own), but I don’t care! I have enjoyed this little project and have decided to sign up for the next one.

BQS mini

BQS mini by lizzie allen
BQS mini, a photo by lizzie allen on Flickr.

Piecing of the top is done and the quilting has now started. I had a spare piece of cotton wadding/batting (big enough for a small cot-size quilt) which I cut off a bit for this mini.
I have been laughing alot at the comments I have been getting about this picture, particularly at the blue floral fabric…. The top is upside down so the floral looks like blue eyes and green moustaches!
I am vey please with how this has turned out as I don’t normally work with bright colours like this.

Brit Quilt Swap

Brit Quilt Swap by lizzie allen
Brit Quilt Swap, a photo by lizzie allen on Flickr.

Thought I would show my little WIP for the Brit Quilt Swap!!  The last of the small 9-patch blocks was pieced last night , and now I have to piece the 9-patch blocks together to make a larger 9-patch. I decided on a pieced border of white strips with hot pink squares. The pink fabric is by Brandon Mably for Rowan. So, secret partner, I hope you like it so far.

I got some Anna Marie Horner fat quarters from Molly in an international ‘swap’ for some of the perle threads I was giving away. Thanks, Molly!! They will be put to use sometime and somehow.

I picked up the June issue of the Bristish Patchwork and Quilting magazine. I was astonished when I turned to page 76 and saw the featured Blog of the Month… It’s Lynne @Lily’sQuilts!!! Check out my Flickr page for proof!

Brit Quilt Swap

BQS by lizzie allen
BQS, a photo by lizzie allen on Flickr.

Sneak peek @ what I am making for my secret partner!!
As soon as I knew who my partner was, I did a bit of flickr stalking and immediately knew what colours they liked.
As I am now back at work, I have only the evenings and weekends to make this mini quilt so I started straightaway as the binding will be probably the most time consuming part of the mini.