FQ Retreat Day 1…..

I only had one class today…. English Paper Piecing with Tacha (& Brioni). But for some (including me) got distracted by this…

Katy & her gorgeous teddy bears.

Some of us even fell in love with those teddies…. Brioni (pink top) particularly!

I did try to make some progess on quilting my lovely blue monster, but heck, I am here to have fun too!


Finally, London….

Finally made it to the hotel (Radisson Edwardian Vanderbilt on Cromwell Road, Kensington) just after 3pm. Perfect timing, as I had left Loughbrough at 11:30 this morning, for a 1 1/2 hour or so train journey and 30 mins on the tube. It’s not easy trying to manhandle a laptop bag (long shoulder strap had broken!), small wheelie suitcase and a holdall on the underground, but manage I did.

In a few minutes, I will be meeting some of my fellow FQ Retreaters for a trip to Tikki, a quilting shop in Kew, not that far from the famous Kew Botanical Gardens.

I hope to post some photos over the weekend, and I hope to grab one or two of my quilty blog friends for a quick interview.


You asked for this…..

Liz Dandelion asked for this….. One clue: I’s sitting bottom left.

I haven’t much changed in the 5 years(!) since this picture was taken in Crete, though my hair is longer.

1 week to go…

Fat Quarterly
Yay! Only 1 week to go till I am with my fellow quilty friends in London.
Lynne @LilysQuilts, who is hosting the lnky party over the FQ blog, posted  a photo of herself on her blog…. Well! Not me! I just don’t like having my photo taken; I can just about stand having it taken for passports and work ID badges.
I have been doing patchwork/quilting since the late ’90s, but ended up on hiatus due to a full time job at a local city council. But due to issues at work last year, I was at home for nearly a month and was looking for something to do that I could put down & pick up without losing my place, unlike knitting or cross-stitch. And over the lasat year I have completed 3 unfinished tops: one of which is now a completed quilt, another is being quilted and one waiting to be quilted.
What you don’t know about, unless you dig around in the older posts, is that although I do have a sewing machine (a basic Toyota machine that cost me £20 from Argos!) I piece, quilt & bind  by hand.  I can’t really explain why I do it, but I really enjoy the slowness of it.  I am self-taught from books & magazines regarding the quilting/binding bit,  but EPP (English Paper Piecing) is not that hard to do.
I will be bringing Autumn Waterfall & Diamonds in the Sky for show and tell.


Cindy, aka Fluffy Sheep Quilting, is having a giveaway to celebrate her 1st year blogaversary. She is giving away 5 fat quarters by Monaluna for birch Fabrics, you just need to go here to help her celebrate! Out of the fabrics shown on her post, my favourite is the woodland print but the one with the scooters (Vespas?) is also cute.

In 2 months it will be my own 1 year blogaversary (April 29th in fact!  £$*!*£!!  I was thinking it was in May!) 😮  Yikes! Where has that time gone?  Well, it’s not for another 7 weeks, so I have plenty of time to think of something giveaway wise.

Also, Fat Quarterly still has spaces at their retreat in London (June 2 & 3), just click here for more info. I cannot wait to meet my quilty blogger friends, though I have already met Jo Bearpaw and Trudi. This will be the first time I will have been with other like-minded (should it be ‘obsessive’ !?!) people. I wish I could go to a class or be part of a group, but that is not possible at the moment 😦 The online community that I have found via blogs and Flickr is okay, but it cannot truely replace physical human interaction.

Here I come…..

I took the plunge after a bit of thinking…. and booked a room in the same hotel as some of my quilty friends.

I hope to take Diamonds in the Sky for those who have followed the naming saga about that quilt.