Half Way

I have reached the half way point in piecing my Anna Marie Horner quilt.

Somewhere in amongst the Innocent Crush is a little Field Study.



WiP & Stash

The last few weeks I have been quiet… Working on a new WIP. You will have seen a picture of the beginnings of my new EPP project on an old post.

So I have decided to do an update on Oh My Stars!   The Innocent Crush doesn’t have a lot in terms of aqua colours, so I decided to mix in some of Anna Marie’s Field Study.


The background is Kona Bone, and out of a 2m length, I now have about a 1/4m length left. I suck at working out yardage for a quilt :-S

In stash news, I did a bit of shopping during February, both online and in a ‘bricks & mortar’ shop (The Fabric Guild in Leicester). In particular I added to my growing pile of Tula Pink fabrics. Online I got more of the Prince Charming rain drop and Taffy prints, along with a selection of The Birds and The Bees. Might order more of Saltwater to add.


I can see a project starting in the run-up to FQ Retreat 2013 with these fabrics… Watch this space.

First finish of 2013….


Diamonds in the Sky, or simply Diamonds as I call her, is now quilted and bound. She now awaits to have a label attached.
She isn’t the largest quilt I have made. She is 46 inches by 66 in, compared to Maple Leaf which is 70 in by 70 in.

Just after Christmas I added to my stash thanks to the sales section at Pink Castle Fabrics the following in 1/2 yard cuts:

Janean Morrison – In My Room, Retreat in green (also in tangerine)

Tula Pink – The Birds and the Bees, Lady Bugs in apple (also in storm*)

Tula Pink – Salt Water, Tortoise Shell in coral (also in aqua & seaweed)

V & Co – Simply Color, Sprigs in Lime Green & Aquatic Blue (also in Lime Green & Navy Blue and White & Eggplant*)
* Sold out!!

My favourites would be the Tula Pink fabrics. I have some of her Prince Charming collection, and maybe later this year I might add more of Salt Water and The Birds and the Bees to my TP collection.

And from Hawthorne Threads:

799_chicopee_fat_quarter_bundle_in_morning 798_chicopee_fat_quarter_bundle_in_afternoon
Fat quarter bundle of the complete Chicopee collection by Denyse Schmidt (blue/yellow – Morning colourway; orange/pink – Afternoon colourway).
To go into a quilt with my DS Hope Valley fat quarter collection.

All fabric pictures taken from Pink Castle Fabrics & Hawthorn Threads websites.

What next?

While I wait to receive a mini quilt from someone else in the Brit Quilt Swap (and having posted off one to my secret partner today), I have started on a project which is kind of derived from  my mini.

Meet my new starry project. It already has a name …. Oh My Stars!

I am also waiting for an order from Spoonflower, which I plan to use in making up a small quilt based on a pattern I have drafted. Once that is done I can write and ‘publish’ the patten.


My mini is all done and is in an envelope waiting to be posted to it’s recipient.

I will leave you with a picture of the finished mini. I forgot to take a picture of the label, but I borrowed an idea from someone else in the BQS group and I did a label using cross-stitch.

I hope to have a tutorial post on how to English Paper Piece (EPP) the Weathervane block I used.

I have started to EPP another quilt, using Weathervane and  the Double Star Patch block (see below).

A finish and ….

Hope you all had a great Easter! Last Thursday/Friday I came down with a sore throat which progressed into sniffles and now I have a horrible chesty coough…. yep! I have been suffering with a cold over the weekend and looks like I will be home sick this week.  Such a great Easter weekend for me, lol.

Well I got one quilt done & have 2 to go!  Last Thursday I finished the binding on Autumn Waterfall, though I kind of mucked up joining the two ends.

I used Kona Chocolate for the binding, which frames the top beautifully. I borrowed the washing line at my parents’ to take this picture as I don’t have the space at the flat to lay it out.

I am now working on quilting Diamonds in the Sky, which is not exactly a doddle as the patches are 4cm squares and half the blocks are different colours.

What has been keeping me quiet?

This ….

I am about 4/5th of the way through the quilting of Autumn Waterfall, then I will need to cut some of my lovely Kona Chocolate for the binding. I hope to get this one finished by June, when I hope to be quilting my blue monster, Diamonds in the Sky.

It may not be a brilliant photo, but it shows the quilting a lot more clearly. I had planned on doing dog rose flowers (using a stencil) in the midde of the squares but I had problems but decided to just echo quilt, with emphasis on the geometric design.

If you are wondering about what I a using for the backing. It is a bed linen set I brought from Argos in a pale coffee colour, Latte. I will be using another bed sheet as the backing on Diamonds.