Still a WiP!

I have the whole of this week off as I have my birthday on Friday, and instead of going into Leicester’s council offices to work as usual, I will be spending my birthday working on a monster.

The said monster is my Maple Leaf quilt. So far I have completed almost 4/5ths of the top, and have the pieces already cut for 5 more blocks to sew then piece together.  I have tried not to duplicate any blocks, but the red Japanese maple print with plain red is the only one duplicated.

I quickly found that my original selection of appropriate prints was very limited, so I added 4 which I had left over from Autumn Waterfall and 2 fat quarters I brought at the Festival of Quilts.

Not only have I been working on this, I have also started to cut out the papers for my next project. In my last post I said that I was finding it hard to choose between 2 layouts: (1) all-over Weathervane or  (2) Weathervane/Double Star alternating blocks. Lately I have been drawn to option 2, but this involves cutting 4cm squares and 3cm squares, as the 2 blocks are different sizes.


Want the good or bad news first?

The good news is ….. I have managed to get a public email on my Blogger profile so I am no longer a ‘no-reply’ commenter 😀  Being a ‘no-reply’ commenter made me miss out on some of the fab giveaways over the last few months/weeks, but now!! *does a happy dance*

In other news, I have finally succeeded in setting up a Blogger account… I am just playing around with creating a blog over there at the moment.  Maybe sometime in the future I may decide to move to Blogger, but for now I am staying with WordPress and see how things go.

I have worked out that I will have my Maple Leaf quilt top finished by Christmas, if not earlier.  This means I am already thinking of another project to do, but considering that I will have 3 quilts to assemble, quilt and bind, all other projects (apart from swaps of course!!) are on hold 😦  especially as I itching to get stuck in making a quilt with the FQ bundle of Innocent Crush. Oh heck… I hate having to work out fabric requirements, but thanks to the wonders of online shopping, I don’t have to worry about running short on fabric. However, I have come up with 2 possible designs for the IC quilt, but I cannot decide on which to use…

Option 1 is the Weathervane block in an all-over pattern… please excuse the dotted lines, they’re just to help with working out how many squares/HSTs are needed

Option 2 is the Weathervane alternating with Double Star…

Next project

I am still working away on my Maple Leaf quilt, which is 2/3 complete. Even now I am thinking about my next project.

About 8 years ago my Mum took me to Scarborough, Yorkshire, to visit The Sewing Centre and as it was near my birthday (and I was not working at the time) she brought some fabric for me! Thank you Mum! The fabric is Natural Impression by Kent Avery in blue & red, sadly now out of print. My plan is to use these fabrics with coordinating plain blue & red, with leafy prints in green to make a summer version of my Autumn Waterfall quilt.

However, I have been kind of following the Hexagon-A-Long activities on Lynne’s blog.  When I started doing patchwork back in the late 1990s, my very first quilt top was hexies in the old fashioned Grandmother’s Fower Garden pattern. Now, seeing how you can piece a hexie from triangles and the like, I am tempted to do a hexie quilt.

Oh! Don’t forget that I am having a giveaway for the best 3 name suggests for my unnamed quilt (here). Hopefully, I will be able to post pictures of the prizes in the next few days.

Inspiration found in most unlikely places

I have been reading Lynne @ Lilly’s Quilts’ blog from her first posting and have found myself having a good laugh at most of the posts. One old post of hers (from October 2010) has inspired me to use some batiks that I had purchased at one of the quilt shows a few years ago but put to one side as they are not my cup of tea in terms of fabrics.

But since finding Lynne’s blog and joining the Brit Quilters group in Flickrland, I have seen some really nice quilts. So I have ideas of doing 9-patch blocks with the batiks and  some plain colours (such as the lovely Kona solids range). I will need to wait to purchase more fabric as I reckon I have already spent alot on quilt books and fabrics.

Lime green and olive are really not me. But, isn’t the point of patchwork the trying of new designs, techniques and stepping outside the comfort zone?