East Midlands Modern Quilt Guild

Yes! There is a new kid Guild on the block… Right here in the East Midlands.

Today (16th March) was the inaugural meeting of the EMMQG, which was organised by Moira. In all 10 of us met at The Poppy and Pint in West Bridgford: Di, Trudi, Angela, me, Wendy, Moira, Kerry, Renee, Mandy and Liz.

This meeting was to decide when, where, how & what. Moira was uber prepared and had come with copies of the agenda, and we spent about 2 1/2 hrs chatting about we wanted out of the Guild and had a bit of a show-and-tell from Trudi, Mandy (with her Weekender Bag!) and Kerry (with her Fryed Pixels quilt!).

Our next meeting is on April 20th which will be a Weekender Bag workshop. Venue to be confirmed… watch this space (or my twitter feed) for further info.  Maybe I will sit in the corner working on my Parson Gray Curious Nature hexies quilt, which is inspired by this quilt by Elizabeth Hartson; my quilt is destined to go to a work colleague who had a baby 4 weeks ago.


4 Responses

  1. ohhh I wish I was nearer, I’m desperate for a weekender but have no clue about making one

  2. Oh you got to see the Weekender in person – very jealous!

  3. it was lovely to meet you and a great morning out!

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