WiP & Stash

The last few weeks I have been quiet… Working on a new WIP. You will have seen a picture of the beginnings of my new EPP project on an old post.

So I have decided to do an update on Oh My Stars!   The Innocent Crush doesn’t have a lot in terms of aqua colours, so I decided to mix in some of Anna Marie’s Field Study.


The background is Kona Bone, and out of a 2m length, I now have about a 1/4m length left. I suck at working out yardage for a quilt :-S

In stash news, I did a bit of shopping during February, both online and in a ‘bricks & mortar’ shop (The Fabric Guild in Leicester). In particular I added to my growing pile of Tula Pink fabrics. Online I got more of the Prince Charming rain drop and Taffy prints, along with a selection of The Birds and The Bees. Might order more of Saltwater to add.


I can see a project starting in the run-up to FQ Retreat 2013 with these fabrics… Watch this space.


3 Responses

  1. I love your latest project! Gorgeous new fabrics, too!

  2. You can’t go wrong with Tula Pink!

  3. Quilt looks great & your Tula pink stash is lovely!

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