Festival of Quilts 2012

This year I decided to go to the Festival of Quilts (FoQ) on 2 days instead of the one, which was a good thing as the organisers used the whole of Halls 8 and 9 for the show and vendors, with the food/eating area in Hall 7. However, I have decided that if I go to  FoQ 2013 (which is highly possible), I might stay overnight and save me money on travelling.

As we have just had the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games are in 2 weeks, this quilt was appropriate…

The Quilters Games by The ‘No Name’ Quilters. They won 1st prize in the Group Quilt category, and Best in Show.

Another of the category winner was made the winner of Best in Show last year…

Graceful Dance by Janneke de Vries-Bodsinga.

The following quilt got a lot of attention, and so it should… The architectural outlining was machine stitched over a pieced background.

One of the few I really liked is this one. Again this got alot of people talking.

One was applique and the other reverse applique. The maker’s inspiration was Jacobean crewel embroideries.

In the traditional quilt section was this…. A Dear Jane quilt that took the maker 4 years to make!

There are loads more pictures on my Flickr page.


2 Responses

  1. Off to have a look in your Flickr stream!

  2. Thanks for that Liz – haven’t been to FoQ for a few yrs now so good to see some of the quilts.

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