FQ Retreat Day 2….

I am sitting in my hotel room writing this before I go to dinner with some really lovely ladies I have met over the weekend. I would like to thank Sue (aka libertyjsy on flickr) for organising the Radisson group’s jaunt to Tikki on Friday evening. It was great to put faces to some of the blogs I follow.

But my biggest thanks goes to the FQ team: Katy, John, Brioni, Lynne & Tacha, for organising such a fabulous weekend. It was lovely to meet you, and even take some classes with some of you.

As I promised, I managed to collar Hadley to show her the real, in-the-flesh, Diamonds in the Sky (aka my blue monster).

The only  class I had today was the Designer  Challenge. I find that I sometimes struggle with designing my quilts and putting some of the lovely big, bold prints I love (ie Kaffe Fasset prints). This class was fun. Just taking 10-15 minutes to sketch/doodle a design or playing with fabrics helps from gtting too overwhelmed.

This is the Designer Challenge class from this afternoon.  John & Katy ‘taught’ the class this morning. I left 2 of the designs I did, but I have little expectation of them being featured any time soon in FQ magazine. I have kept one as I have plans to use it for a quilt (and maybe I will send a piccie when I have the top done to the FQ team!).

Whilst I was spending my free time quilting my lovely blue monster, there was another class going on in the main hall. Portholes with Lucie Summers (creater of the new Summersville fabric line).


2 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to see what you designed – did you take fabric with you for this class? I hope the quilting on the blue monster is going well? Thanks for the update!!

  2. Hope to see photos of the blue monster when you are finished! So great to meet you. See you next year?

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