Bloggers’ Quilt Festival: Spring 2012

Amy's Creative Side

This is the first time I have entered this online quilt show.

I have chosen to ‘show’ Autumn Waterfall:

This is not the oldest quilt I have made, but is certainly my current favourite.

Due to being on suspension from work last year, I was at home for a month and feeling kind of depressed. I had been reading the April ’11 issue of British Patchwork & Quilting magazine, which inspired me to dig out the then-unfinished top and finish it. Also in BPQ there is a regular column called Wandering the Web and this led me to find the many quilty blogs I now enjoy following.

I had first seen the pattern in BPQ a few years ago, as a background that had appliqued cherry blossom. I loved the geometric design and at that time Makower had brought a collection of fabrics called Elizabethan, which I fell in love (it was the first time that I ever considered buying a fat quarte bundle of an entire fabric corllection!) I made my first completed quilt and gave it to a much missed friend, who due to having a massive stroke had to retire. But I still loved the pattern and was determined to make one for myself!

I did not plan on making an autumn themed quilt, but the little swatches I pulled from the sample pack I got from Strawberry Fayre said otherwise.And hey presto! I started on piecing Autumn Waterfall. It was when I was about half way through the piecing, I said to my mum that I wanted to make a set of quilts in this pattern, one for each season.

I did not really complete it as a quilt until earlier this year. I doubt the Guiness Book of Records would recognise it as a candidate for a quilt that the longest time to complete, but I so glad it is now a quilt to be used.


7 Responses

  1. It’s a great choice for the festival and I’m glad it’s getting used! Which season are you making next?

  2. Just love your quilt & welcome to the festival !

  3. The fact you hand piece your quilts still astounds me!

  4. It’s a lovely quilt!

  5. Lovely, lovely quilt! Autumn colors are my favorite and this quilt just shines in them. I also love the four seasons idea! This pattern is such a classic it would be a good one to remake. Very beautiful 🙂

  6. nice quilt! love that pattern and fabrics. thanks for sharing and have a great day

  7. Congratulations on finishing! I really like the pattern and think it would be neat to have one made in each of the seasons.

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