A Gallery of Rogues

First of all I would like to all of you who have entered my blogaversary giveaway. I will be picking 2 winners next Monday, so keep tuned in!

Secondly, I have had the first of my interviews back. The subject of these interviews are those rogues (aka monsters) that we end up with, either by accident or by design. I have decided to call this series, A Gallery of Rogues.  To me (and this is a personal opinion!) a rogue/monster is a quilt that is 90 x 90 inches or larger, and with this mind I emailed a select group of friends asking they would be willing to take part, and thankfully they were 😀

My first interviewee is Sheila Donnachie, known to almost all of us as the bluepatch quilter. Thank you, Sheila, for a taking a few moments out of a busy schedule to answer a few questions…..

Liz : Please tell us a little about how you came to be a quilter and how you would describe your style.

Sheila: I have always sewn, but in 1997/8 my little “sewing bee” was introduced to a new member, and in time she introduced us to her quilts. We had never really come across anything like it before. I was hooked from the start and have been quilting ever since. My preferences back then were fairly traditional and “country” style fabrics from the likes of Thimbleberries etc. I have pretty much muddled along, sticking to this style and using what was available locally.
However, my quilting world was turned upside down when I started blogging. I feel as if I have just started again and feel like a newbie as I am exposed to all the wonderful new designers and modern quilts that are all over the blogs. I have enjoyed swaps and QALs and have dipped my toe into a bit of improv here and there. There really is no end to inspiration available and I am currently enjoying the Zakka Style sew a long – mostly small, quick projects that leave you feeling very satisfied in having finished something!!
I think you asked me to join in, following the “creation” of my Hexie quilt but it doesn’t qualify as a monster.
I do however have a monster that lives on our bed…..

Liz: What inspired you to make your ‘monster’?

Sheila: I started this with no great plan to make such a big quilt. The central portion of the quilt was featured in an Australian magazine I had and I loved the big, stupid looking teddies. I had never really used a lot of applique on quilts until this one and had fun using faux suede for the teddies’ bodies.

Liz: As this mini-series is about what I call ‘monster’ quilts, did you plan on making it as big as it is or was it an accident (ie miscounting of blocks)?
Sheila: At the time, in class, my ladies were following the Contrary Wife block pattern – and I sewed along with them, using up lots of my Thimbleberries fabric leftovers…………I stuck to a sort of brown/cream & blue colour theme.
The quilt was designated as one for our own bed and as we have a superking, it had to be big. It is big enough to sleep under comfortably at about 90″ square.
As an aside, I must say that I quilted this in three sections, my method of QAYG, and then joined them together. I would, and have made other biggies but would never tackle quilting in one whole piece – QAYG every time for me.
Liz: Do you have a favourite ‘monster’ that either you or someone else has made, and what makes it your favourite?
Sheila: At my recent Open Day there were some wonderful quilts – these next three were voted by visitors on the day as the favourites.
In first place was –
by Muriel
In 2nd place –
by Lorna
In 3rd place –
by Caryl
I love these quilts – Muriel and Caryl learned to quilt in my classes and I have loved watching them grow and stretch themselves. They both constantly challenge themselves.
Lorna joined my classes this year, she is a young quilter, who I have known since she was a little girl. She is a force of nature in all that she does and watching her make this quilt was an education for me. As an example, she took the pattern from her Jelly Roll book, but cut her own jelly roll!!
Thanks, Sheila, for being a willing interviewee, and I really love those teddies!!. Do visit her blog and say ‘hi’.
PS: all photos courtsey of Sheila (via flickr).

9 Responses

  1. Very interesting feature! Sheila is lovely 🙂

  2. Sheila is as awesome as her quilt is huge!

  3. Woohoo! Sheila rocks! Jxo

  4. We love Sheila…and her quilts!

  5. Teehee – you have a monstrous sense of humour Sheila! We love it!

  6. I love Sheila and her quilts!!

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