Cindy, aka Fluffy Sheep Quilting, is having a giveaway to celebrate her 1st year blogaversary. She is giving away 5 fat quarters by Monaluna for birch Fabrics, you just need to go here to help her celebrate! Out of the fabrics shown on her post, my favourite is the woodland print but the one with the scooters (Vespas?) is also cute.

In 2 months it will be my own 1 year blogaversary (April 29th in fact!  £$*!*£!!  I was thinking it was in May!) 😮  Yikes! Where has that time gone?  Well, it’s not for another 7 weeks, so I have plenty of time to think of something giveaway wise.

Also, Fat Quarterly still has spaces at their retreat in London (June 2 & 3), just click here for more info. I cannot wait to meet my quilty blogger friends, though I have already met Jo Bearpaw and Trudi. This will be the first time I will have been with other like-minded (should it be ‘obsessive’ !?!) people. I wish I could go to a class or be part of a group, but that is not possible at the moment 😦 The online community that I have found via blogs and Flickr is okay, but it cannot truely replace physical human interaction.


2 Responses

  1. Our local group is full of all old ladies, so I am happier with my make-belief online friends.

  2. I love the ladies at my local class but they’re nowhere near as obsessed as I am – they think I’m a bit odd!!!

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