Now I know why…..

Last Wednesday someone came to inspect the boiler and it turned out there is a problem with the heat exchanger. The boiler was switched off and the fuse removed.  That meant we had no heating or hot water since Wednesday.

Today someone else came to look at the boiler to assess the situation (i.e. repair or replace), and yes there is a problem with the boiler. The heat exchanger has corrosion (rust) and the air intake pipe at the top is hot! So the engineer is recommending to the Housing Association that the boiler must be replaced. So we are left with no heating or hot water AGAIN! 😦  Thankfully the shower is self-contained from the boiler.

It could be 2 weeks before the boiler is replaced.  Now I know why quilts are necessary!!!  Though I do have a duvet on my bed, and a hot water bottle for the very cold nights.

In other news….

I have approxiamtely one week’s worth of work left on Maple Leaf (i.e. one block) which I started today. I rang work on the way home last Friday to say I had to take today off as Emergency leave due to the boiler issue (see above).

My next quilty task is to quilt Autumn Waterfall. I had brought 3m of Warm & Natural cotton wadding at the Festival of Quilts last August and already I have used 2/3 thirds of it, leaving offcuts suitable for table runners.   If I had (a) the money, and (b) the space, I would buy a bolt of wadding, but I don’t have either (a) or (b) at the moment.  Had planned to send a top off to be basted on a long arm machine and had found two shops on the interwebs that offered such a service, but again I don’t have the money for that at the moment, so yesterday I had to ‘borrow’ the living room floor at the parents to lay out  the quilty sandwich, with my mum joking about renting me the floor space.

I had brought some bent safety pins (aka basting pins) at a quilt show several years ago (forget which one!) and hadn’t used them until now. Spent 45 mins or so on my hands and knees pinning the sandwich together…. Damnit! I don’t care if there are puckers on the back when I quilt it, as I am not putting it into a show for Mr & Mrs World to see it.  Also, at FoQ I had brought some Aurifil threads and I will be using some of them to do the quilting.  I hope the quilting doesn’t take too long to do, as I hope to be quilting Diamonds in the Sky (aka the blue monster) at the Fat Quarterly retreat in June.


4 Responses

  1. What a pain about the boiler, but as always, a quilt can cure anything (ok not the actual broken boiler, but it’s a nice thought!). Hope it all get sorted soon x

    • Me too! It appears that we dont have heating or hot water, it’s a priority issue for the Housing Association to sort out the boiler.


  2. Sorry about the boiler. And while it’s nice you can still have a hot shower, stepping out of the shower and into a very cold bathroom isn’t fun…

  3. OMG what a time to have it go out, Hope you are ok

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