Still a WiP!

I have the whole of this week off as I have my birthday on Friday, and instead of going into Leicester’s council offices to work as usual, I will be spending my birthday working on a monster.

The said monster is my Maple Leaf quilt. So far I have completed almost 4/5ths of the top, and have the pieces already cut for 5 more blocks to sew then piece together.  I have tried not to duplicate any blocks, but the red Japanese maple print with plain red is the only one duplicated.

I quickly found that my original selection of appropriate prints was very limited, so I added 4 which I had left over from Autumn Waterfall and 2 fat quarters I brought at the Festival of Quilts.

Not only have I been working on this, I have also started to cut out the papers for my next project. In my last post I said that I was finding it hard to choose between 2 layouts: (1) all-over Weathervane or  (2) Weathervane/Double Star alternating blocks. Lately I have been drawn to option 2, but this involves cutting 4cm squares and 3cm squares, as the 2 blocks are different sizes.


4 Responses

  1. Happy birthday for Friday! Good luck with your quilt – it’s looking lovely!

  2. Wow Lizzie it is looking terrific!
    Happy early birthday – my brain is a sieve, and I am bound to forget xx

  3. Looks awesome and Happy Birthday

  4. Happy Birthday Liz! I think this quilt is going to be a knock-out! I was thinking of you and your Mom today because I’m hand quilting my latest quilt and using the beautiful perle cotton you sent me. I love thinking that my quilting friend from across the pond contributed to my new project 🙂

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