Want the good or bad news first?

The good news is ….. I have managed to get a public email on my Blogger profile so I am no longer a ‘no-reply’ commenter 😀  Being a ‘no-reply’ commenter made me miss out on some of the fab giveaways over the last few months/weeks, but now!! *does a happy dance*

In other news, I have finally succeeded in setting up a Blogger account… I am just playing around with creating a blog over there at the moment.  Maybe sometime in the future I may decide to move to Blogger, but for now I am staying with WordPress and see how things go.

I have worked out that I will have my Maple Leaf quilt top finished by Christmas, if not earlier.  This means I am already thinking of another project to do, but considering that I will have 3 quilts to assemble, quilt and bind, all other projects (apart from swaps of course!!) are on hold 😦  especially as I itching to get stuck in making a quilt with the FQ bundle of Innocent Crush. Oh heck… I hate having to work out fabric requirements, but thanks to the wonders of online shopping, I don’t have to worry about running short on fabric. However, I have come up with 2 possible designs for the IC quilt, but I cannot decide on which to use…

Option 1 is the Weathervane block in an all-over pattern… please excuse the dotted lines, they’re just to help with working out how many squares/HSTs are needed

Option 2 is the Weathervane alternating with Double Star…


3 Responses

  1. Both designs are brilliant but I would like to see the weathervane with the alternating double star.

  2. Hi Liz, I’ve tracked you down – sorry it’s taken so long but I see you’ve now managed to become a ‘reply’ blogger! I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment!

    I also like both options but would love to see the second one!!

  3. I like both! I’d be tempted by the weathervane with alternating double star but I think the weathervane on it’s own would show off these prints to better effect.

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