Festival of Quilts 2011

I went to the 2011 Festival of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham today. One bit of advice from me is wear very comfy shoes (you will need them as there is a lot of walking) and also take short breaks to rest your feet and get your breathe/strength back before going back to the stalls.

The above picture is the winning quilt of the Pictorial Quilt section, made by Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga, Hot Africa. Quilt is based on a photo taken whilst Janneke was in Kenya. There is no painting in this quilt; the motifs are free motion quilted. You can almost feel the heat of the sun.

comparethequilt.com … Yes! Meerkats! This is the winning quilt of the Group Quilt section. The speech bubbles above the 2 meerkats on the bench read as…

And my favourite from the Contemparory Quilts is Fibonarri Sun. A mix of the Fibonacci theorem and the Nautilus shell, in bright sunny colours….

There are more photos on my flickr page.


4 Responses

  1. I’ve just got back too. Had such a great day! There were lots of amazing quilts. Have to say that the hot africa was a fave though 🙂

  2. They just don’t ‘look’ like quilts! Soooo clever! Glad you had a great time x

  3. Thanks for posting some lovely pics. Wish I could have been there!

  4. Just found your blog through Brit Quilt and am now a follower. FofQ was fab wasnt it, can’t wait for next year!

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