And the winners are……

I would like to thank everyone who made suggestions as to what this quilt’s name should be.

As they do at all of those award shows (the Oscars, Grammies, CMAs, etc), here are the nominations:

From Flicker

Hadley (aka Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle) — Diamonds In The Night

Lynne (@LilysQuilts) — Fireworks ; Northern Lights ; Shooting Stars ; Starburst ; Stars On The Water

Alliestitch — Frosty Reflections; Moonlit Sailing

Petitselefants — Stars In Your Eyes

Sue @ craftthefinalfrontier — Starry Night

HobbyLass — Starstruck ; Cosmic Stars

Archie the wonder dog — Starry Starry Night

Nancy in STL — Confetti Stars

BetsyLynn50 — Star Bright

FionaPoppy — Star Pop

WandaFish11 — Starcrossed Basket Love ; Stargazer’s Delight

Jennifer Can Quilt — Reflections

PatinWA55 — Summer Nights

As post comments

Lis — Jewels In The Ocean

Wendy — Candied Stars

Heidi — Mermaid’s Lair

Rhonda — Oh My Rainbow Stars ; Rainbow Beginnings

*Drum Rolls* And the Winners are….

The 4 LQS fqs go to …… Hobby Lass for Cosmic Stars

Denyse Schmidt’s Picnics and Fairgrounds charm pack & extra strips …… Hadley for Diamonds in the Sky.

Tula Pink’s Prince Charming charm pack & other TP fqs …… WandaFish11 for Stargazer’s Delight

So who will be going to be on the label with me….. *trumpet fanfare* ….. Hadley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for all the lovely suggestions for names, and those that were not picked, I will keep the list and use/adapt for future quilts.


7 Responses

  1. Great names, and congrats to the winners! (remember Had’s on holiday for the next week or two)

  2. Congrats girls on wonderful titles. Beautiful quilt too! Jxo

  3. Thank you so much! I love your quilt and thanks for considering my name choices. Diamonds in the Sky is perfect!
    I can’t tell you how delighted I am to win some Prince Charming – it’s right at the top of my wishlist but I haven’t been able to get any yet 🙂
    Congrats to Hadley and Hobby Lass too!

    • Thank you very much for choosing my suggestion as a winner. It is a beautiful quilt which now has a beautiful name.

  4. Just sussed my phone! Thank you so much Lizzie, you are the star xx

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