Why am I doing this bloggy thingy?

I start this post while listening to the podcast ‘interview’ of Hadley of Flying Blind on a Rocketcycle.

Hadders, you were very naughty in getting Rhonda @ Quilter in the Gap to say Leicestershire & Worcester, but funny though! And Flash Gordon… seen that film about 3 times and it is so bad it’s hilarious! But I kind of get where you are going with that rocket cycle thingy! I kind of jumped into quilting/patchwork without thinking it all through first.

Ok back to why I am doing this bloggy thingy. I could say to show off my talents (meagre as they are) but honestly, I do it to help me stay sane. I work in Leicester for the city council (stressful job!) but I do get a reasonable wage for it which helps me with my fabric addiction after I have paid like £500 for the monthly rent for the flat. Anyways, I digress. Not only does it keep sane (and occupied!) in my spare time, it also helps with my depression! Although a few people in my workplace and in my family know of my depression, I will very frank here and say that in my mid-20s I got a bad stage in my depression, so much so I actually considered committing suicide!

Only do I patchwork/quilt, I also do cross-stitch. My mum started me off on that. She & dad had just ordered a round dining table, 4 rush-seat chairs & 2 child size chairs, and a Welsh-style dresser (with leaded glass doors at the top) for the dining room (it did cost them a fair few ££££!), and she decided to embroider a special tablecloth for the dining table, with a floral wreath in cross-stitch. The pattern was from a book, and seeing her do it, one day I turned to her and said, ‘Mum, I want to do that’. Her response was ok, and I flicked through the book and found a simple picture of a sprig of privet. That back in the early 90s. Since then I have done bigger & more complicated stuff such as a picture of the famous bust of Nefertiti and I have another on the sewing frame.

I have put up on my flickr most of the cross-stitchy things I have done.


3 Responses

  1. Oh I am so glad you had a listen – it made me laugh writing my answers, and even more so when I listened!!

    I have been so astounded in the last year how many ‘virtual’ like-minded and lovely friends I have made through blogging and flickr and all through the love of fabric!

    I used to think I would be happy just sewing away alone surrounded by lovely prints, but I am so glad for all the interaction this inspires. I really hope that being part of this fun group of crazy ladies makes you, me and everyone-else feel great.

    I’ve just had a look at your cross-stitch – wow lady! The Medieval sampler is beautiful. I am packing my KISS for holiday right now xx

  2. Your cross stitch is exquisite! Really amazing work. I’m sorry to hear about your depression and I hope that being involved in the quilting/blogging world helped you realize that you are not alone with that. Please keep blogging and showing all your new work. I think of you every time I use my perle cotton #8!!

  3. I am so glad you enjoyed the interview with Hadley and that you had a chuckle at my expense (I really don’t mind – good thing huh?)

    I am your newest follower!!

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