August already!?!

OMG!!! I can’t believe it’s 1st August aready.  It only seems like yesterday when I stumbled across the several quilty/crafty blogs I follow and the fabulous Brit Quilts group on Flickr, thanks to British Patchwork & Quilting magazine’s Wandering the Web section.

In that time, I have started my own little blog, participated in my first swap and had a very successful giveaway (my first, & certainly not the last!).  My friend Lynne is having a Small New Blog Meet-Up once a month, where us ‘older’ bloggers can help support the small/new blogs. I have put the linky button on the left, so hop on over and check the new/small blog and become a follower!

Since starting my blog I have finished one quilt top (Autumn Waterfall) and now I have 2/5ths or so left to do on Maple Leaf.  Autumn Waterfall and the yet-to-be-named quilt are now waiting for to be made into sandwiches and quilted, it’s mainly a question of finding the right backings for them.

So as the song goes, here are some of my favourite things…. Only 4? Yes, given how little I have done/made in the last few months.


3 Responses

  1. That all looks pretty good going to me!

  2. I think you’ve done a lot. there’s clearly a lot of work gone into the quilts that you’re in the process of making so don’t sell yourself short. They all look wonderful.

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