Next project

I am still working away on my Maple Leaf quilt, which is 2/3 complete. Even now I am thinking about my next project.

About 8 years ago my Mum took me to Scarborough, Yorkshire, to visit The Sewing Centre and as it was near my birthday (and I was not working at the time) she brought some fabric for me! Thank you Mum! The fabric is Natural Impression by Kent Avery in blue & red, sadly now out of print. My plan is to use these fabrics with coordinating plain blue & red, with leafy prints in green to make a summer version of my Autumn Waterfall quilt.

However, I have been kind of following the Hexagon-A-Long activities on Lynne’s blog.  When I started doing patchwork back in the late 1990s, my very first quilt top was hexies in the old fashioned Grandmother’s Fower Garden pattern. Now, seeing how you can piece a hexie from triangles and the like, I am tempted to do a hexie quilt.

Oh! Don’t forget that I am having a giveaway for the best 3 name suggests for my unnamed quilt (here). Hopefully, I will be able to post pictures of the prizes in the next few days.


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