Favourite Fabric

Whilst browsing some of the many quilting/patchwork blogs out there in blogland, I have noticed that how we quilters quickly fall in with one particular fabric whether it be a plain solid (the must go to charcoal or white or cream etc) or print (the green polkadot on pink or multicolour stripe), or even a complete collection.

For me, it must be Makower’s Elizabethan collection, of which I just have these…

Makower Elizabethan

My 2nd favourite collection is Makower’s Bloomsbury collection, because it is so close in style to the Elizabethan collection:

Makower's Bloomsbury

I have not even used the Bloomsbury fabrics at all. I made a quilt with the Elizabethan fabrics in the same pattern as my Autumn Waterfall, sadly I never took a picture of it.

I had initially brought the Elizabethan fabrics as they reminded me of a portrait of Elizabeth I at the time of the attempted invasion by the Spanish Armada (particularly the canopy of her sedan). The Bloomsbury fabrics I brought when I tried to find more of the Elizabethan ones, not realising how some of the fabrics from both collections went together well.

So what’s your favourite fabric or fabrics?


One Response

  1. Mine changes every time a new line comes out! I’m fickle lol ๐Ÿ™‚
    At the moment I have some hope valley stashed but only until I get round to making something with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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