Bright Sun Shiny Day

After the last few days of mixed weather… sunshine/grey clouds… At last a bright sun shiny day!!!
Watching Mr Paul Simon at Glastonbury on the tv with the sun shining…. I’m a happy bird. I don’t like really hot days (when the thermometer reads 30+ Celsius), but today is perfect.  Great for doing some more work on my Maple Leaf quilt and browsing the interwebs for yet more fabric.

My poor bank account is screaming at me not to buy any more fabric… I still have the Festival of Quilts to go to in August (a great place to buy yet more fabrics and other quilting supplies), and to get photos done so I can renew my passport and save my pennies for a holiday to Albania next year. ‘What?! Albania?!’ I hear you ask… Yes! Albania!  Although the communist regime collapsed in 1992, it is a country that is still opening up to the West after 50+ years of political isolation, and is full of history/archaeology. It is the history/archaeology of the country that I am interested in and the reason for my planned holiday there.

I have lived overseas twice in my life… First was in Nigeria when I was a baby due to my Dad having a job out there at the university in the northern town of Sokoto, and we (dad, mum & me) came back in 1981 to the UK.   The second was in 1983 just before Christmas when I was 5 and my little brother is not quite a month old, when Dad took us (Mum too) to Trinidad as he again a job at there with the University of the West Indies. We came back to the UK at the end of June 1988 (when the school year had ended). Since then I have been to Normandy, Austria (passed through Belgium & Germany), Italy (Bay of Naples; less than a week after 9/11 attacks in NY), Tunisia (2005), Libya (2006), Crete (2007) and Mexico (2008), which has meant that my recently expired passport has some fun foreign immigration stamps.

As well as doing more on the Maple Leaf, I amvery tempted to start y Summer Waterfall, a blue/green/red summery version of my Autumn Waterfall.  But if I start on Summer Waterfall, then my Maple Leaf will never get finished.


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