Innocent Crush

Following on from yesterday’s post… I went and checked out British Patchwork & Quilting’s new blog. If you scroll down and read through the blog list on the right hand side you will notice my little blog mentioned. I’m not letting this go to my head! Ok, may be I am a little, but what the heck!

On Friday I collected a parcel from the local Royal Mail delivery office. I had been expecting a parcel from USA via Etsy, but I hadn’t received it, so you can imagine the thoughts when I got a card shoved throught the letter box saying that £15 had to paid in customs charges…. Got to the RM delivery office and paid the money, and got the parcel. When I got back home and opened it, it was a fat quarter bundle of the complete Innocent Crush line by Anna Marie Horner.

Small selection of blue/aqua Innocent Crush

Since getting the IC fat quarter bundle, I have had ideas buzzing round my brain like bees round a flower and been searching for inspiration on Flickr on how to use the IC fabrics. So I have been auditioning solids, using the Kona Solids colour card I got the other week, making a list of the colours I will need to get.


2 Responses

  1. Horrible customs charges! Pretty fabric though 🙂

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