Idle hands

My little Brit Quilt Swap mini is finished and washed. It has survive its first machine wash and came out intact, no loose threads or seams! 😀  Now I have to wait to post it off to my secret partner, along a with a small selection of scraps. Showed it to my mum when I went to the parents’ for Sunday lunch, and she loved it! All it needs is a label.

Usually at this point I would be looking for something to do, but I have ideas for future quilts buzzing around my brain and the Maple Leaf is still half completed. Decisions, decisions!! I suppose I need to get on with finishing the Maple Leaf, but working with browns/oranges and other autumn colours can get a bit boring, particularly when it’s a bright sunny day.

I had to go to B&Q to get some more storage for my growing stash of fabrics and the threads that my mum passed on to me, which included some Danish linen thread and some DMC perle threads, as well as more Finca perle threads (this time no 12 & 16 perle).  My perfect quilting workspace would be the size of my bedroom with a bookcase, shelving and a dropleaf table for my sewing machine and cutting mat, but alas real life is not like that 😦


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