My current WIP is a Maple Leaf quilt top.  Oppps! Made a mistake and a noticeable one too, at that! I should have been concentrating instead of watching my dvds last night. I did not notice the mistake until I had done 1/4 of the block and was too late to unpick and reposition the offending HSTs, so I left it.

Got another parcel in the post today, this time from Seamstar. Only ordered the fabrics yesterday afternoon!

Alexander Henry – Griffith Park – Leaf in Green & Leaf in Red

2 Mini Wraps = 8 randomly selected fabrics.


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  1. These blocks look great to me and I can’t wait to see the quilt. I am anxious to try some traditional blocks and these look very interesting. Love those half square triangles ….

    I got your package today and I’m just flabbergasted by all the beautiful colors of the perle cotton! I am so thrilled and I was just finishing up hand quilting my latest quilt and one of the colors was a perfect accent so I used some already. Thanks so much for all the perle cotton and the FUN! I got to the post office today and mailed a little something off to you. It’s fun having quilting friends in other countries 🙂

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