Stash building

Most (but not all) of my stash are fabrics that I have bought, either fat quarters/eighths, half-metre/half-yards etc. Some are fabrics that I was given by one of my mum’s acquitances, who  made her own clothes. Recently I have been digging around in the laundry bin in which I keep the larger ‘bundles’ and found that I have a lot of blue, green & purple fabrics, so I went on a little spending spree online.

The postman delivered this bundle of gorgeousness this morning, ordered from Crafts 4 All Seasons. These are part of the Paradise Collection from Art Gallery fabrics. Sorry for the dark photo – I had forgotten to switch the flash on, lol.

L – R:  Sparkles in Teal & Orchid ; Squared Fashion in Pink & Blue ; Eternal Sashes in Pink & Green

I have ordered yet more fabrics from America via Etsy and hope to get the parcels soon. Hot pinks, oranges and plain colours that coorindate with the Soul Blossoms fabrics were order of the day.


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