Giveaway Update

A big thank you to those who have requested some of my perle cotton threads. Yesterday I posted off 4 little packets of threads to some of you and I still have 3 to post once I have packaged them. I will be meeting Jo (Bearpaw) tomorrow to give her hers.

Of all the colours I had, the blues & greens were highly popular, and Lynne @Lily’s Quilts wanted pale/soft colours (she has posted a photo of them on her flickr page).

I am now down to the last 7 2 balls of the Finca no 8 perle cotton, but still have loads now have 16 of the no5 threads left. I have decided that if I can’t ‘rehome’ the no5 perle threads, I will try to use them myself.

I have done a little research to find some good online suppliers/stockists of Finca perle cotton:

Canada: Sew Fancy

USA: Yarn Bazaar and Presencia Hilaturas USA, Inc.

UK: Biggins Lace & Cotton Patch (the no 8 threads ony)

Australia: Presencia website has search facility for local retailers.

NB: Presencia and Finca are the same company.


One Response

  1. thanks for the links! I’ve only ever used dmc so it’ll be fun to try out the finca (I think I’ve used their thinner thread though).

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