Inspiration found in most unlikely places

I have been reading Lynne @ Lilly’s Quilts’ blog from her first posting and have found myself having a good laugh at most of the posts. One old post of hers (from October 2010) has inspired me to use some batiks that I had purchased at one of the quilt shows a few years ago but put to one side as they are not my cup of tea in terms of fabrics.

But since finding Lynne’s blog and joining the Brit Quilters group in Flickrland, I have seen some really nice quilts. So I have ideas of doing 9-patch blocks with the batiks and  some plain colours (such as the lovely Kona solids range). I will need to wait to purchase more fabric as I reckon I have already spent alot on quilt books and fabrics.

Lime green and olive are really not me. But, isn’t the point of patchwork the trying of new designs, techniques and stepping outside the comfort zone?


2 Responses

  1. I’m not a huge fan of batiks either, but made one quilt with them by request and it turned out looking way better than I expected and everyone who saw it loved it. Now that was a complete surprise to me. I like the batiks you have as they are bright as many can be quite somber really. I think combined together they will look beautiful and the lime green will enhance it rather than take over.

  2. A few years ago I wouldn’t have used batiks, but now that I am a little older, I am willing to try new things, such as bright colours, big/bold patterns.

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