Maple Leaf

Another (and much older) UFO is a Maple Leaf quilt that I had started well before my current employment in local government. Again like my Autumn Waterfall quilt top, Maple Leaf got put to one side and ended up in the loft at my parents’ house for over 7 years 😦

When Dad brought it down from the loft on Royal Wedding Day, I looked at it and asked out loud, ‘Why the green?’  Mum said, ‘Isn’t it supposed to be the middle of the quilt?’  Thanks Mum 🙂  When I first started this quilt I had decided to use some dark sage/olive green fabric I had been given (not my colour!!) and the only of doing so was to make it the central block.

I admit that I am not one for machine piecing, although I have tried it once but I perfer to piece by hand. I also do the quilting by hand. As it is handpieced, using paper shapes, the HSTs are not perfect and somehow that doesn’t spoil the overall effect.

Hehehe… that’s my duvet underneath with a dolphin themed cover (and I have the matching pillowcase!). My bed kind of doubles as my quilt work space. I might have to borrow the washing line at the parents’ to take photos outside, although Dad is process of building a model railway (which he has not even finished!!!! I hope he  finishes it as he’s 70 later this year.)


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