First Giveaway

A few years my Mum had been one half of a small lacemaking supplies business and when she was brought out by her business partner, she give me a load of perle threads she no longer wanted. I have no need for them and not one for throwing anything like this away, I am willing to pass them on to anyone who wants them.

The threads  come in 2 sets, and 20 or so colours:

1. No 5

2. No 8

All you need to do is leave a comment telling me (broadly) where in the world you live – city/state/county/country – and what colour(s) you would like. In case you don’t have an email address on your blogger profile, leave your email address in your comment or your flickr username so I can contact you.


16 Responses

  1. Well I confess I am a huge fan of perle threads and prefer the colour set in the top picture (no 5). Oh, and I’m in the Midlands! My email is lilysquilts @ gmail . com.

  2. Hi there! I’m Jo and I am up in Edinburgh. And I really need some lighter shades of perle 8 for a quilt I am tring to finish by next week! I won’t be able to get to the right shop till Saturday so these would be a god send – I would happily pay you for them! I really need some paler colours: pale orange, green and blue specifically. Also I will be in Loughborough Thurs/Fri visiting my folks – whereabouts are you in Leicestershire?! Lovley to make your acquaintance, I will now check out your blog (Just came across you from ‘whos who’ thread on Brit Quilts group on Flickr) too excited by the serendipity of your giveaway to do anything other than comment!

  3. Hi! I’m Suzanne and I live in the Midwest of the US. Illinois specifically. I would love some of the green/orange/blue/grey/dark pink perle 8. I would be happy to send you some fabric or other fun treats in exchange. My flickr name is suzettra is you would like to FM me and we can arrange a fair swap.

  4. ooh how lovely! I would love some greys and pale yellows in either 8 or 5 – I live in Brighton, UK –

  5. Hi, I am Kirsten and live in NSW Australia – I really like the blues and greens in #5!

  6. I’m Marci and I’m from Lafayette, Louisiana USA! Lovely thread, I would love some of the size 8, and I like all of the colors, but especially the greys, blues and greens! These would make some really pretty tatting pieces!

  7. I am out of the blue & grey in the no8 but still have these colours in the no5. The only greens I have in no8 are Sage/Olive/Pale Pine tones.

  8. What. . you are gracious! I need to do the same with some fabric! Do you have any grey or purples. Oh I haven’t used anything like this and would love to try. I’m in Oregon, USA.

  9. How lovely of you to share! I have recently started hand quilting with perle cotton no. 8 and I’m addicted now. I can’t stop!! My local stores only carry white, black and beige so I’d take any color left in the no. 8 pile. That pale green and grey look nice 🙂

    I love in a small town in New York state in the United States. It’s a nice little town but not many quilters and no nearby quilt shops. The internet has become my quilting community and I love it! I’m glad I found your blog today (through the famous Lily) and I’m adding you to my reader.

    Have a great day! Molly

  10. oooo I love perle cotton! I’m using some number 5 right now in a big quilt. Any of the greys or pale blue/greens would be amazing! pinks are always fun too! 🙂
    I live in southern new jersey, just outside philadephia.

  11. Hi – I am in West Sussex, at the foot of the South Downs.

    If you have any turquoise, bright green-chartreuse and/or dark pink left of the No.5, I would love to benefit from your kindness x Thank you.

  12. I’ve been wanting to get some perle floss to try out hand quilting but haven’t managed to find any locally….I’d love to have colours that I could use to quilt on a solids only quilt I’m making at the moment if you still have some left. I’m a student at Stanford at the moment, but call India and Austria home too!

    • oops, forgot to mention, I’d love to swap these for some fabric or other goodies….

  13. Well, I found you late, but hope you still have some No 5 left, as I would love some. If you have pinks blue, and pale greens I would be especially pleased. Thanks. You should get an email for me, if not you will find me on flickr (Sewjo2009). Thanks again

  14. Guess I’m probably too late but if you have any no 8 in blue shades left I would love to add it to the indigo dyed fabric I’m getting addicted to. Thanks.

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