Spending Spree

I kind of went on a spending spree over the last couple of days buying a couple of Kaffe Fassett books and some fabric which I saw on another blog.

The fabric (Tone Finnanger’s Tilda) is not what I usually use for my patchwork, but I fell in love it though and couldn’t resist buying a fat quarter charm pack of both the Summer Blues & Fruit Garden (pink) colourways. They were not cheap at £22.50 per pack.

I love Kaffe Fassett’s style of bold colours & patterns, again something that I would not normally consider doing but I can get inspired though. His book, Welcome Home, was reviewed in a monthly magazine that I don’t often get and the publisher had an offer to the readers of the magazine. But I like shopping around to get the best bargains when it comes to books, and found that Amazon was selling the book at a much lower price 😀

Another book that I also purchased from Amazon (not Kaffe Fassett) was one on quilts from around the world. That will be a fascinating book to read, as I’m a armchair historian/archaeologist & a fan of Channel 4’s Time Team (and I have actually taken part on an amateur archaeology excavation in Northamptonshire not far where my Dad grew up — the site was a Roman villa).


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