Autumn Waterfall

Autumn Waterfall by lizzie allen
Autumn Waterfall, a photo by lizzie allen on Flickr.

I started this particular quilt top a few years ago but put it to one side due to work pressures at the time. However due to current circumstances at work, and thanks to reading a patchwork/quilting magazine, I was inspired to finish this one.

The pattern was one I got from the British Patchwork & Quilting magazine a few years ago (cannot remember the issue no :(). I had done another one with this pattern but in a set of fabrics produced by Makower Fabrics, which reminded me of the Tudor/Elizabethan period. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of it when I gave it to a friend at work 😦

I had no space to lay it out flat so it ended up being draped over the end of my bed.


2 Responses

  1. Looks great! I like the autumn colours, autumn is my favourite season!

  2. Hi Liz, cool quilt – there are a few of us midlanders in the Brit Quilt group – nice to meet you!

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